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AJF Trading Nigeria Limited is one of the leading quality teak wood logs suppliers in Nigerian market. Teak Wood Logs is the most durable and sustainable alternative among tropical hardwoods. Current uses for teak include furniture, home decoration, flooring and even veneering, both for indoor and outdoor uses.

We are acknowledged as one of the renowned Teak Wood Logs Manufacturers in Nigeria market. Besides, our Teak Logs & Rough Squares are Exported to various countries. Our wide gamut of optimal quality Round Teak Logs and Sawn Sizes are available at reasonable prices. We have the versatile range of Teak Timber Logs (Teak wood logs), which is finely polished to meet the Industrial requirements. In addition to the above facts, we offer high quality Teak Logs at the most discounted prices.

We also trading local Woods like Doussie, Red APA, Iroko (Chlorophora Excelsa), Mahogany, Kosso Wood, Gmelina, Padouk Etc.

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